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Our Story

Ravlić meat industry has gained over 60 years of valuable experience in food processing while appreciating traditional recipes and strongly respecting the food safety standards.

In order to introduce comprehensiveness of cultivation, production and processing meat to our consumers, in 2020. we started spreading narrative about Ravlić butcher as the one who oversees all aspects of our business and who provides high quality products as well as being the ambassador of all improvements and innovations that are yet to come.   

Ravlić butcher is under the helm in overall process, he considers future and by very start he supervises production to provide his costumers with the most qualified and safe to consume meat.

Ravlić butcher is self-aware and highly considers appearance of his products and it’s packaging to complete one of his main goals: dress to impress. He will provide you with best advice and share all of his knowledge because although his products are well dressed, Ravlić butcher considers that appearance is not everything.  

Attractive packaging which he produces in meat processing plant, keeps all of the freshness and quality of most carefully selected meat products.

Mission and Vision

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